Wednesday, October 10, 2012

week 24 update

Hello Everyone, here is week 23 drawing as promised. It was one of those weight compared ones so that's what the mango is all about. I of course was focused on food. I have developed quite the obsession for cinnamon life cereal.
Week 24 was good and boring, just how I like it. I was trying to relax and "take it easy" as much as possible. Which is really starting to get boring but I know...totally worth it!
There is actually a whole crap load of stuff going on in my life right now that I could totally just sit and complain about but I hate when people complain so I will spare you all and just say that I feel completely and utterly blessed with everything that is going the right way and that I am, count em. 2 weeks away from my third trimester!
I keep reminding myself what Brody has taught me and that is that no matter what goes "wrong" in your life, like all the small stuff like house projects gone wrong and etc etc, you have to focus on what is right, focus on what you are blessed with and most importantly focus on God.
Anyway, back to week 24. Here is the drawing:
 Isaac was the length of an ear of corn and was probably weighing in over one pound! He is such a big boy now and um....Strong! I cannot begin to tell you how much this child moves. He is so busy just like his Dad. Adam said to me the other day "I think Brody would have been our calm one". Brody was always so peaceful and calm, Isaac, on the other hand, um, a bit like our little hurricane ;)
 I've been sharing stories with him about his brother almost every night, I think he really enjoys it, although he probably knows more about Brody than I do.

Week 24 belly pic: I was actually dressed up and heading out to dinner with some friends for my birthday.
I like not having to type about hospital trips and being scared. Happy posts are my favorite!


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