Saturday, October 6, 2012

23 week update and more

Week 23 belly pic. I don't have the 23 week drawing....Sorry! I will post it when Regan gets back from vacation though, maybe with week 24 update or sooner.

I have already shared most of what week 23 looked like. It started out pretty normal and boring but the day this picture was taken was the day we took are 6th trip to the ER. I'm convinced there is something behind all of these trips. Like it is some sort of lesson or a possible test of my patience. Or maybe it is just my mind's way of saying "a perfect pregnancy doesn't always end perfectly so perhaps one that isn't perfect at all will end blissfully" By blissfully, I mean with a breathing screaming baby to bring home.

Isaac is incredibly active and Adam and I had a conversation about it. Neither of us remember Brody being as active. He never wanted to share his kicks with Daddy. I think Adam only felt him kick one time. I remember clearly watching the belly of a pregnant friend with disbelief about the way her baby was hopping around and Brody was so still. Is it significant? I don't know and I'm not dwelling on it. I just know that his brother Isaac is a mover and shaker and perhaps that's just how all babies are.

Moving ahead a bit, today I am almost 25 weeks along and it is my 30th birthday. Last year, on my birthday I was on laying on the beaches of Siesta Key, Florida totally caught up in the fact that I felt like I could reach out my hand and almost touch Heaven.

This year, I feel like Heaven is closer to me. I have felt Brody so close to me. Last night while I was laying in bed watching Isaac flip and flop, I could feel Brody smile and feel his happiness all around us. I told Isaac that he was soooo lucky to have Brody as a brother and as his own personal angel and that he would watch over him for a very long time.

Some days, I cannot believe how special Brody is and how many lives he has impacted, changed, and blessed. My sweet boy.

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