Placental Abruption

Here is a brief overview of what happened medically.

Placenta Abruptio: The separation of the placenta from it's attachment to the uterus.

It occurs in about 1 out of 150 deliveries, but the severe form (which mine was),occurs in 1 in 800-1,600 deliveries.

The fetal mortality rate is 20%-40% and is also a significant contributor of maternal mortality.

There are different classes of severity.
  • Class 0: asymptomatic. Diagnosis is made retrospectively by finding an organized blood clot or a depressed area on a delivered placenta.
  • Class 1: mild and represents approximately 48% of all cases. Characteristics include the following:
    • No vaginal bleeding to mild vaginal bleeding
    • Slightly tender uterus
    • Normal maternal BP and heart rate
    • No coagulopathy
    • No fetal distress
  • Class 2: moderate and represents approximately 27% of all cases. Characteristics include the following:
    • No vaginal bleeding to moderate vaginal bleeding
    • Moderate-to-severe uterine tenderness with possible tetanic contractions
    • Maternal tachycardia with orthostatic changes in BP and heart rate
    • Fetal distress
    • Hypofibrinogenemia (i.e., 50–250 mg/dL)
  • Class 3: severe and represents approximately 24% of all cases. Characteristics include the following:
    • No vaginal bleeding to heavy vaginal bleeding
    • Very painful tetanic uterus
    • Maternal shock
    • Hypofibrinogenemia (i.e., <150 mg/dL)
    • Coagulopathy
    • Fetal death

    I had a class 3 separation.Excess blood loss may often times lead to shock and death in both the mother and baby. The mother may also need a hysterectomy. I did not have a hysterectomy or a c-section. In some ways, I am very lucky.

    Some causes are injury to belly,smoking during pregnancy, cocaine use, diabetes, high blood pressure, older mother, and history of placenta abruptio. None of which apply to me and my case. I was extra healthy during my pregnancy. I never lifted anything larger than a laundry basket. Adam even refused to let me use any cleaner of any kind.  


  1. Tia, 10 years ago I also had a class 3 separation. I understand and know what you are feeling and I show my support to you. Like you, I also wrote about my daughter. It helps and it got me through.

  2. A friend of mine shared your blog on FB, I think it is absolutely beautiful! I am so thankful that you shared your story of your beautiful lil man. My prayers are with you, your husband and your family. Thank you again for your strength and God bless you!!

  3. Thank you for your support and prayers.

  4. Tia, 4 years ago, i also had a placental abruption, that experience has changed my life forever, so i offer my prayers to you and your family...god bless :)

  5. Thank you Christina for sharing and for the prayers. Prayers are always appreciated.

  6. Tia....Thank you for sharing your story. I lost my son at 23 weeks with an incompent say the things that I am thinking. You are such a strong person for being able to put your emotions on paper. Prayers and thoughts to you and your husband