Monday, July 1, 2013

ooops 5 months

Wow, time really flies when you have a little one at home. He is almost 6 months and I haven't even posted his 5 month update yet. I apologize. I never know how long nap time will actually be so it is rush rush all of the time around here during nap time and blogging is sorta on the back burner. I will try harder.

Every day is an adventure and busy busy. We have a routine accomplished and started with what I predict is a favorite food: sweet potatoes. Ive never seen someone so excited about food. Well, besides myself. Obviously, he will be a foodie like his mommy. Adam always makes fun of me about my food obsession. When I'm eating breakfast, I'm thinking about what I will be having for lunch and dinner. Thank God for good metabolism.

I do fear that he takes after his Dad when it comes to never ever wanted to relax and sit still for a gosh darn minute. I think I may really have my hands full when he gets moving.

And every morning we wake up and say "yep, cuter than yesterday".

I will try to get another post in before the 6 month update but as for now...I am being summoned.