Remembering Brody

I miss Brody every second of everyday. It has only been 2 months since he grew his wings. I find that remembering him or even just saying his name helps me more than I can ever say.

There are a few things I have done thus far and so many I want to do in the future. The feeling I get when someone else remembers him or honors him is truly nothing short of amazing!

Some wonderful friends of mine put some money together for me a few days after I was home from the hospital. Their hopes were I would use the money for memorial jewelry to honor Brody. This is the necklace I bought with that money. It is so much more to me than a necklace. Not only does it honor Brody but it also reminds me of the dear friends that I have who remember Brody too. 

A few weeks ago, Brody's daddy and I took a vacation. We needed to get away, we needed to go somewhere where I didn't feel like everyone was looking at me with pity. I have always loved the ocean and since Brody was baptized with a sea shell (a story I will explain later), we thought the beach was a wonderful choice.

Adam and I at SKOB
We went to Siesta Key, Florida. It was beautiful there. The water was clear, the people were inviting, the atmosphere was just so calming and relaxing to us.

One evening, we went to a bar/restaurant called SKOB (Siesta Key Oyster Bar). I began wondering why they had dollars everywhere, everywhere! I asked the wait staff why and he said "I don't know, it just happened, would you like to do it?" Almost instantly, I knew I wanted Brody's name up on that wall.

Everyday, I wrote Brody's name in the sand beside our towels. I knew it was just his name but I also know I felt so close to him there. 

Adam's Dad recently had Brody's name printed on the windshield of his Harley. It reads "In memory of Brody" and his birth date. 

Brody is and always will be our first son. I will never forget him and I will never stop saying his name. I will find new and unique ways to honor him and other angel babies as well.


  1. This is so Inspiring..BEAUTIFUL♥ I can't say enough about this Blog...GOD has Recieved a Precious Lil ANGEL Brody!!And he Has 2 Parents That LOVE Him More than Anything in this world ♥ BRODY will Live on in Memory. And He will,and Has Touched So many Lives here on Earth!!Smile Down on Us "Sweet ANGEL"...

  2. God Bless. I'm so sorry for you loss. I lost my husband last year to cancer and I live life to the fullest waiting to one day open my eyes to see him once again in heaven. I understand how you feel. Brody is watching over you guys everyday thinking about what an amazing mommy and daddy he has. You two are such a cute couple and I don't understand why God would take something so precious out of your life. But, remember everything happens for a reason. Take care and live life to the fullest in honor of Brody.

    Elinor Fabian
    God Bless the two of you and Brody