Tuesday, October 2, 2012

still taking it easy

Hi There again everyone. I want to keep everyone updated on what is going on with Isaac and I. We had an appointment today and as it turns out, I have an "anxious uterus". So I am not the only one anxious to have this little one in my arms, my uterus feels the same way. I am having little contractions. Nothing to warrant a hospital stay as of now I am under instructions to take it easy. Just as I had expected and just as Isaac was trying to tell me....Slow down!

We went over of course everything that would happen if I would go into preterm labor. Isaac is able to survive outside of the womb now however we would like to put that off as long as we can so while I take it easy, I will be watching for signs of contractions that are all over instead of "patchy". These are all words he used, I'm not making them up. haha. If I do happen to go into labor, I need to get there asap so they can stop contractions and start steroids to get Isaac strong enough to live outside unless by that time he big and strong enough to do it on his own. Lets hope for that latter version of the story.

I had a bit of a breakdown in the room for a few reasons. The doctor was "the doctor", the one who delivered Brody. He was super nice this time and I fell back in love with him, buutttttt....Seeing his face always yields tears. Secondly, the ultrasound tech was not there to do the ultrasound so I didn't get to actually see my sweet little guy today, so I have to wait till the 17th. Thirdly, the doctor ever so nicely reminded me that even though we will be doing an ultrasound, it is unlikely that if an abruption is in the future, we would see it on ultrasound. He reminded me how rare my abruption was and that it is very unlikely to happen again. They can only check for abruptions that have already happened by looking for blood clots, and of course by then, I would already be in pain and in the ER with blood. As you can imagine, that didn't put my mind at ease at all and I just broke down. I wanted him to wave a magic wand over me and tell me everything would be okay...no such luck.

So there is the update in a nutshell. The short and not so sweet version. So, it looks like I better start loving the way my husband mixes whites and jeans...

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  1. Prayers being said for Isaac and you. Hopefully with some rest you can get the irritable uterus to stop acting up.