Thursday, August 23, 2012

week 17 update

Hello All, I know I promised to post about the gender reveal first but I wanted to get ahead on updates before I did that.

As I mentioned in the last post, week 17 presented a few issues and scares.

Without sharing TMI that will scare you all away, I was having some issues keeping my pee in my bladder where it belonged. I was also having pain, which made me call my Dr. immediately.

I went to the local ER clinic to have a urinalysis done and they sent me to Magee ER, which scared the crap out of me...and Adam.

So we drove down to Magee only to get told that I indeed had a UTI. What a relief that was!

I woke the next morning with other "issues", which yielded another call to my Dr. She told me to please get back down to Magee, she thought there was a possibility of me leaking some amniotic fluid. I cried,  I mean, I thought things were going to get serious really fast.

I tried really hard to remain calm in the waiting room but deep down I was fearing the worst. When I was taken back into the same familiar room that I usually get put into, I noticed something different. I put my purse down on the chair that Adam usually sits in and stared.

This was sitting on the decorative mirror where usually just a box of tissue sits. I'm not exaggerating or making it up when I say that when I saw this, I literally knew everything was going to be okay. I knew it was my sign from Brody. One that I hadn't even asked for. Did I mention how amazing my little boy is?

It turned out that I had not only a UTI but another kind of infection that is pretty common but can cause preterm labor so I was put on a few baby safe antibiotics and sent home to drink gallons of water and rest.

so here is week 17 picture of me at Magee, where I thought I might just as well rent a room for the next 20 or so weeks. Enjoying my main craving now a days...Pasta. Any kind really. Stuffed shells, lasagna, Spaghetti. You name it, I crave it. Next on my pasta smorgasbord....tortellinis.

The baby was the size of a turnip from head to rump.

I will try to get the gender reveal photos and announcement up asap. I know you are all on the edge of your seat, unless your my friend on facebook and you are already sick of me posting about it. haha

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