Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 16 Update

Oh boy, I'm really behind. I'm writing my 16 week update and I will be 18 weeks in a few days.

I have no excuse...maybe this will help.
This was week 16 drawing and I'm sure, if you read the last post that you were expecting something like this. That post pretty much sums up the week.

Here is the 16 week belly picture. This was directly after a delicious at Texas Roadhouse followed by their amazing apple pie. It comes out sizzling and covered in ice cream. Its enough to put a smile on a emotionally, hormonal, and irritable pregnant girl's face.

Maggie, one of my black labs decided she would not be happy if she was not included in at least one picture so for your viewing pleasure...I would like to introduce Maggie. My slightly insane but very lovable dog Maggie. Cloie, the other side of the terrible twosome was in the living room trying very hard to pretend she wasn't the least bit jealous.

Since, I didn't want to leave Cloie out and also because I don't want every post to be about how sad I was and how much I cried....Also introducing Cloie, my super smart, very intuitive, hyperactive dog.

This is her. At the time, I thought she just wanted to just hang out with the baby but in true Cloie fashion, she was trying to tell me something was wrong. Which I will talk about in my week 17 update post. I hope to have that posted asap.

Next week...

Can you feel the excitement? Before I post an update on week 18, I will be posting a very special post...Baby Boy or Baby Girl! I can't believe it is time already and I'm pretty excited about it.

Till next time.

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