Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brody's 2nd Project

I've heard it before, the worst part about grieving is that at some point, everyone else around you will start to forget and move on with their lives and you are still there...right in the middle of the hurricane. They clean up and brush themselves off and there you are left standing, covered in dust and debris, just looking around wondering where you should go from there. How do you move on? How do you re-build? How are YOU expected to forget what just tore through your life and left pieces? I've heard it and it is true! There are no words sometimes to describe it except just sucks :(

I feel relieved that people have stopped walking on eggshells but there is still a part of me questioning why they have stopped and I miss the eggshells.

Sometimes I feel like I have an incurable disease. You know, one that isn't necessarily life threatening if you give yourself daily injections of tlc and pop your daily "positive outlook" pill, geez, but in the is still there and you can only hope that it's not contagious. TIME goes on and you feel like you are managing your symptoms, but YOU NEVER ACTUALLY HEAL.

All my life, I have watched people on the news, movies, or even in real life make something positive from their own tragedies. I would always think to myself "How in the world are they doing this?". Now I know, sometimes you do it because it is the ONLY choice. So, with that said... Here is Brody's second project. I'm beside myself with excitement about it.

Brody's 2nd Project:

When I started Brody's Project 1, I wanted it to be small but had such big ideas. I had no platform to work from though. B Bands has given me that platform. Brody amazes me, that is all I can say.

B Bands will be holding an auction on Leap Year (how ironic) 2/29. So far, we have several vendors participating in the auction. I will be making a very special frog hat. The money from the auction will be going to both March of Dimes and to a family that has recently lost their baby.

I created a virtual band in Brody's memory and that is where the money will be donated. Here is the link to that: Brody's band. Feel free to donate in Brody's name directly on there or participate in the auction if you would like. You can read more about the auction and sweet baby Austin here: Leap Year Auction.

I remain convinced that Brody's life was for a reason, same as each and every one else in this world. The other evening, while checking the stats on the blog and looking at the new live feed (Thanx Jesica), I seen there were visitors from Florida, South Carolina, Iowa, and Ohio. Vendors were donating left and right and I felt Brody's spirit run through me and all around. Tears filled my eyes and warmth filled my heart. I love you Brody....You are amazing!

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  1. Hey Tia, I am loving this...Can I set one of these up for Ellersley? I would love to do this and add it to my does it work? If you would like to share that would be awesome! If you want to email me that would be Thanks so much and I love the way that you love your little guy! Have a great day!