Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 21

Once again, I am behind on updates. I was going to combine week 21 and week 22 but I haven't got in my belly pic for week 22 yet so I will have to get that posted either tonight or tomorrow.

Week 21 was good. I was having a ton of heartburn, even more than the week before.

I thought I had avoided all of the remarks about size pretty well up until now but they have officially started. So big, so tiny, so this, so that. Everyone always has a different opinion which is really fun to compare. Everyone sees things so differently and they always say "Every pregnancy is different", however, the majority of previously pregnant women think that your pregnancy should be or will be exactly like theirs. It makes me laugh.

All this heartburn should yield a head full of hair, right? Wrong, I've talked to women who suffered with horrible heartburn and baby was totally bald. Everyone was pretty convinced that with my outrageous and sometimes irrational craving for many different foods, that I was surely having a girl.

It is all good though, I usually just let them say what they have to but what really does make me a little upset is they way people talk about my pregnancy like it is my first. Like I have something to learn or how bad the birthing process is. Once again, people just seem to forget that I was almost 8 months along and delivered Brody. The only difference between my pregnancy and the "experts" is that their babies lived. I'm certainly not the kind of person who is going to remind them but I do give subtle remarks as to the fact that I did experience this all before and I did still give birth.

I guess these remarks never really stop. Everyone wants to make sure that you know they know more than you. With all the "just wait" comments that I get, sometimes I just want to say " I can't wait!". I know we will be sacrificing sleep, adult communication, and much more but that is percicley why we tried to have Brody and why we decided to have Isaac too. That is the life we want and desire and cannot wait to be living it.

Oh anyway, I could go on and on but who wants to see belly pics and drawings?

The drawing from week 21 was soooo funny. Isaac was the length of a carrot and I felt like I was literally breathing fire at some points, which I know will all totally be worth it. :)

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