Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week 11

Hello All. Things are looking up around here compared to last week. Week 11 was full of excitement and happiness.

I think I actually made it through the whole week without crying. That is a new milestone for baby Lukehart #2 and I.

I mentioned in the last post that we had another appointment and got another ultrasound. I will never complain about how many appointments and ultrasounds that I'm getting.The more I can be reassured that my little blueberry is growing strong, the better! Baby was giving us quite a little show. That made me feel so much better and I realized week 11 was going to be much better than week 10.

We didn't even make any ER visits in week 11. Week 12 is a different story, which I will talk about next week. Everything is okay though so no worries!

At this point, I'm in a little bit of shock that I'm actually 12 weeks into this pregnancy. We have made it so far already and each week I hit is a new milestone for us and another week spent with this precious miracle.

This is week 11's belly pic, turned black and white based completely on the fact that I didn't feel like blow drying my hair or putting on makeup that day.

Here is another one before attending a family picnic on Saturday. Picnics are fun when your pregnant! Food is pretty much the one indulgence that is absolutely necessary during pregnancy so I always try to really take advantage of that fact, hence the huge smile on my face.

And last but not least, the weekly fruit/veggie picture. The baby was the size of a fig in week 11
and mommy was happy!


  1. I love following your progress. I am so happy for you and your family!

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