Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half way there. 20 weeks

I'm trying really hard to keep up with updates, other feelings, and pictures. I'm a very busy girl these days and that is okay by me. I can tell winter is coming up fast because B Bands is back in full force.

Besides that, can you believe I'm 20 weeks? Half way there, so to speak. Although, at this point, I'm still not sure when the doctors will decide when to induce. I'm actually not really sure if they plan on doing so for my physical well being or my psychological well being. Either way, as long as the well being of Isaac is fabulous, I have no problem with them doing what they have to do.

Week 20 was good. I was TIRED and no kidding, these days water is giving me heartburn. I feel like a fire breathing dragon that just chugged red hot for breakfast. I know that my heartburn with Brody was bad too but holy cannoli, Isaac. What are you doing in there?

So, week 20 drawing is me off in dream land with a smile on my face dreaming either of my future with Isaac in my arms, nursing at 2am or of my sweet Brody sitting on the lap of Jesus doing lots of cool things in Heaven. Tums within arms reach of course.

Week 20 marks the week that measurements change from head to toe instead of head to rump, so he was the length of a banana.

Adam and I have an everyday little joke about his cute profile and how we each think it is our own. We are falling in love. Literally tripping over ourselves, falling in love. Scared? Yes! but has the love outweighed the fear in many ways? most definitely.

I have promised a good comparison picture for a long time so here we go. I remember distinctly taking a picture at 21 weeks with Brody and posting to Facebook, so last week I put on the same outfit and took our weekly belly pic.

This is the picture with Brody at almost 21 weeks. Sorry, it is pretty blurry.

Same outfit and less makeup. Isaac at 20 weeks. Looks about the same to me as far as bump size goes. What do you think?

Till next week!

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