Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my angel in the clouds

It's okay if others think he wasn't real, because to me he is the realest thing in my life. He was almost 3 pounds and 15 inches long. I held him, I kissed his little forehead and I held him tight. To me, he was real. Actually, he is still real to me. He exists all over. He is such a huge part of my everyday now. Maybe not in the same way he would have been if he was alive but in a much bigger and deeper way. He now exists in my heart ... and in the clouds.
I took this picture yesterday outside of my house. I walked outside and stopped in my tracks. I touched Adam's arm and said "look, it's an angel". I smiled so big and pulled out my phone to take the picture. I couldn't stop smiling.

I know not everyone can understand and I know not everyone agrees that there is an angel in this picture, and that is okay with me. I know the only way everyone could understand is if they went through this themselves and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.


  1. I definitely see him in those clouds -- and especially since I had just messaged you to let you know that the last payment from Brody's Leap Year Auction was completed. It is hard to believe that it isn't him shining down on you in this picture. Brody is amazing and he definitely is real. <3